Zangwei (Alex) Zheng


Ph.D. Candidate

School of Computing
National University of Singapore

Twitter: zhengzangw  知乎: Zangwei Zheng
Github: zhengzangw  LinkedIn: zangweizheng

About Me

I am a Ph.D. student at National University of Singapore, advised by Prof. Yang You. I received my B.Sc. in Computer Science from Nanjing University in 2021. I spent a year in iCyPy at UC Berkeley from Apr. 2020, supervised by Prof. Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Dr. Xiangyu Yue.

Research Interest

My current research mainly focus on Efficient ML (machine learning) and Large-scale DL (Deep Learning) Optimization.

  • Large-scale DL Optimization: optimizer design (faster, memory-efficient, robust, etc.), optimizer explanation, data-model-algorithm connections.
  • Efficient ML: computation-efficient training (accelerated optimizer, large batch training, incremental learning), memory-efficient training, efficient inference.

I am always happy to chat about interesting research ideas. Please drop me an email if you are interested in collaborating with me.

Related background discussion:DL Optimization [中文, EN],Efficient ML [中文]


  • [2024.1] Got one paper accepted to ICLR 2024 (oral). Congratulations to Ziheng and Kai!
  • [2023.9] Got two papers (one first-authored paper Sequence-Scheduling) accepted to NeurIPS 2023. Cong to Fuzhao and myself. So many thanks to my collaborators!
  • [2023.7] Got one first-authored paper (ZSCL) accepted to ICCV 2023. Thanks to all my collaborators!
  • [2023.7] The CAME paper won the ACL Outstanding Paper Award!
  • [2023.5] Got one paper accepted to ACL 2023. Congratulations to Yang Luo!
  • [2023.4] Got one paper accpeted to ICML 2023. Congratulations to Fuzhao Xue!
  • [2023.3] ColossalChat has been released! Train your own version of ChatGPT. Congratulations to colleges at HPC-AI-Tech!
  • [2023.2] The CowClip paper won the AAAI Distinguished Paper Award!
  • [2022.12] Passed the qualifying exam. Cong to myself :), and thanks for my supervisor and friends’ help!
  • [2022.11] Got one first-authored paper accepted to AAAI 2023. Thanks to all my collaborators!
  • [2021.8] The NJU-CSE-Flyers Handbook 2021 has been published.
  • [2021.7] Happy to start my intership in ByteDance.
  • [2021.6] Graduated from Nanjing University!Thanks and good lucks to all my teachers and classmates.
  • [2021.4] Got one first-authored paper accepted to ICMR'21 Challenge. Thanks to all my collaborators.
  • [2021.3] I will join HPC-AI @ NUS to start my Ph.D. degree under the supervision of Presidential Young Prof. Yang You!
  • [2021.2] Got one co-first-authored paper (PCS-FUDA) accepted to CVPR'21. Thanks to all my collaborators.

Selected Awards

  • 2023, Research Achievement Award of NUS
  • 2023, ACL 2023 Outstanding Paper Award
  • 2023, AAAI 2023 Distinguished Paper Award
  • 2022, Papers with Code Contributor Award
  • 2021, Outstanding Graduates of Nanjing University
  • 2020, Outstanding Student of Nanjing University
  • 2019, 2018 (2 times), National Elite Program First-Class Scholarship
  • 2019, Zheng Gang Overseas Study Scholarship